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  1. Behzel
    Behzel Sillysheep165
    SILLY were did you go? I hope you're doing alright. I want to thank you for all the help over the last 6 months with W.E commands and everything else.

    When are we going to play on the LOTR server? We never did get to do that :(
    1. valleybot
      Silly left this server, I doubt that we will be seeing her soon.
      Dec 29, 2018
  2. Marah
    Marah Tyler1995
    Hey whens the next time you are going to be on wool city
  3. Marah
    Marah Taylor
    Hey Taylor when will you be on woolcity next?
  4. Zentorien
    i like how it still says im a new member lol
  5. Zerolen
    Whoever added the "New profile posts" tab on the home page, thanks for the unintentional twitch plug
  6. JCaL
    just trying to find my foreskin
  7. Wheeman
    Wheeman Sillysheep165
    I'm watching you....
    You smell good....
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    3. Wheeman
      Super cereal
      Jun 8, 2018
    4. Sillysheep165
      I love you too
      Jun 8, 2018
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    5. Wheeman
      > : 3
      Jun 8, 2018
  8. Wheeman
    Why would you do that.
  9. Zerolen
  10. Zerolen
    Follow my stream on Twitch pls. I need more followers.
  11. TheBoyOrange
  12. Neka
  13. Blockish
    Blockish Taylor
    hey wondering if i can apply for staff somehow?
    also /b e melt isnt working, it said to contact a server administrator, please help :(
    1. TheBoyOrange
      Feb 22, 2018
  14. UltraTacoMan
    Zelda is my waifu
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    2. NerdNerd100
      why not Link? why Zelda? or some other video game girl? :3
      Mar 13, 2018
  15. NerdNerd100
    That one staff member who is usually 90% always on the fourms, but dose nothing on it.
  16. CutieK_AlphaAqua
    There are to many dumb people in the world.
  17. CutieK_AlphaAqua
    I am trying to get my friends to spread the word about Lumen. I am not gonna let it die without trying >:3
    1. TheBoyOrange
      Appreciate it, but lumen ain’t dieing anytime soon lol.
      Jan 24, 2018
  18. TheBoyOrange
    Bai Bai Halloween and Helloooo Christmas
  19. Brian (X80_)
    Brian (X80_)
    Can’t think of something creative to write here, so im gonna be lame and just say: Hello
  20. Brian (X80_)
    Brian (X80_) TheBoyOrange
    Da bestttt oranggeeeyyyboooiii