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    Welcome to Lumengaming Creative server

    We have three different plot sizes you can choose to build on.

    150 x 150 - do /warp 150

    200 x 200 - do /warp 200

    300 x 300 - do /warp 300

    To get started - do /plot auto

    Please don't claim plots and leave them empty, they will be deleted.

    We have also added extra large plots 512 x 512 - Do you have a special project that will need an extra large plot? Let us know what you plan and we can give you the space you need to build.

    Do you prefer to build in a freebuild world, there are two worlds available

    WoolCity hub:
    The hub is a feebuild world made out of wool you can build there as soon as you have earnt a tier. The following tiers will give you access to build in the hub.

    redstone: 3
    organics: 3
    pixelart: 2
    architecture: 3
    terraforming: 3
    vehicles: 3

    There are warps you can visit so take a look around.


    SillyWorld is a freebuild city world, to get there do /warp silly. There are maps on the wall showing you the different cities that have owners and are being worked on. Take a look around, warp to the different cities and if you would you like to build in the city world just ask a staff member or leave a message for sillysheep165.

    We also have a special world dedicated to arena builds, to get there do /warp arena

    This world is where you can build an amazing arena, and if you would like to have your build considered for the pvp world on survival, just let a staff member know and we will judge it for you. If your build is moved to the pvp world you will receive a title and 20 mysterydust to spend on the gadgets menu /gmenu main.

    We run regular build competitions, just keep your eye on the broadcasts to see what is currently running.

    Creatives Channel, Rep and Rank System

    You will notice 3 numbers in front of your name [1][0][0]

    The blue number is the chat channel you are in, you can create your own chat channel by just doing - /ch (whatyouwanttocallit), to return to the main chat channel just do /ch 1

    The middle red number is your rep or reputation level, this number represents the amount of rep you have earnt through your builds, once you have built something do /rev this - players and staff will visit your build and give you rep. Once you have earnt enough rep you can rep other players and you can also use /nick once you have reached level 4.


    To give rep do /rep (ign amount reason)

    To see how much rep you have and how much you need to get to the next level do /rep (ign)

    This will also tell you how much rep you can give, this is your repping power.

    To view players who have given you rep do /replog

    Please give a valid reason for the rep and do not abuse, rep can be taken away.

    The last number is your rank

    If you do /title list - you will see a list of titles - these include;

    Pixel Artist
    - This is just the total of all the above titles

    You can build or create under any of those titles, to select a title do /title organics – etc.

    To rank up you will need an instructor or staff member to view your build.

    When you have reached a Tier5 in any of the above areas you can apply to be an instructor for that group, you can then rank other players.
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    Nice guide, we've been needing this for some time :)

    PS: The command to see who has given you rep is /replog, not /rep log.
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    I totally agree. Thanks Silly! Awesome post. Very helpful!

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