Customized Bread Production Line

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    Product Name: Crisp Bread Production Line
    Application: Making Danish pastry, etc.
    Country Of Origin: China
    Condition: New
    Classification: Bread Production Line
    EO-DP273 Crisp Bread Production Line is designed according to the Danish pastry production technological process for industry. With different work width, the line can meet different capacity requirements. The whole line is combined by dough sheeting line, make up line, cooling system and pan arrangement system.
    (mm)Net Weight
    EO-DP27330380300-100020000 x 4300 x 29005000
    High speed, it is 1.5 times faster than the similar machine.
    Multifunctional Function with filling, forming and cutting for making various of food, including sticky products or thin skin juicy products.
    Made of 304 stainless steel, easy for operation, cleaning, assembling, and repairing.
    Run automatically and stably, production is stable, slight error.
    Size and thickness of dough bar, filling ratio, finished product size and production speed all can be adjusted.
    With EM switch and Buzzer to guarantee the safety of operation.
    Optional forming device (cutter) is available for different breads.
    Free-stand cutter design, which makes it easy to maintain and clean.
    As a professional manufacturer and designer of Crisp Bread Production Line, we can offer various kinds of Crisp Bread Production Line With advanced mechanical equipments and experienced technical workers that we can provide Crisp Bread Production Line on top quality and best price. The Crisp Bread Production Line will be shipping from China factory directly to your offered address. We are confident to be the best Crisp Bread Production Line supplier in China.Customized Bread Production Line

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