Customized Square Car Fog Light

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    Q: What color of fog light is best?
    A: The answer to this question really depends on your own personal preference. The debate between yellow and white fog lights is real-both colors have their advantages and disadvantages. Below are a list of pros and cons so you can decide what is best for your vehicle:
    Yellow Fog Lights
    Pro: Clearer Vision in Adverse Weather
    Several drivers claim that yellow fog lights offer clearer vision when driving in hazardous conditions such as heavy fog, rain or snow. There is even scientific theory behind this statement-arguably; the yellowish tint is easy for our eyes to process due to their longer wavelengths. If you're unlucky enough to be driving in snow, then a yellow light against the white ground will be less glaring than the bright reflection of white fog lights, easing the strain off of your eyes for long journeys.
    Con: Less Effective than the Average Fog Light
    99% of yellow fog lights are made from a white light bulb and simply fitted with a yellow filter or lens. Arguably, the output of a light is reduced by around 30% if a colored lens is placed over it, which makes the average yellow fog light less powerful than your average white light.
    White Fog Lights
    Pro: Ideal in Remote Locations
    As always, we must consider our location and type of vehicle before making a decision. If you often drive in the desert, it’s said that yellow lights can even over-define the view. Although several drivers contend that white fog lights blind other drivers, it really depends on the environment.
    Con: Feeling Sleepy?
    If you often feel tired behind the wheel, then chances are this isn’t just because of your busy schedule. A phenomenon called ‘glare’ which states that blue light causes unwanted beams, especially in fog and snow. Blue light focuses right at the front of our eyes and have extremely short wavelengths, meaning that the human eye finds them difficult to process.
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