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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ljjhogle, Jul 8, 2018.

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    I used to have one of these intros on the old, old old old forums. And it was really disappointing because as the depressed, edgy 13-year-old I was, spilled out their whole life story for the world to see.

    But anyways, I'm Kal, and you'll recognize me ingame with my user, ljjhogle. I've been playing on WoolCity since late 2012, and I'm still around partially. I'm not frequently online as I used to be, but it's always nice to pop in every now and then and pick up a project or two. Despite having played for so long, I never wanted to apply for helper, or a staff position. In my opinion, simply being known by people is enough to keep me happy.

    I typically enjoy roleplays and such, and my imagination is absolutely wild. I've developed more than several complex, layered stories about original characters I share with my friends. Another hobby I have is singing, and I help manage a cover group that covers idol songs from series such as Love Live!, Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!, and the [email protected] series.

    We'll just come to the conclusion now, I'm an otaku. A hardcore idol otaku. And I don't see myself really leaving anytime soon. 6 year anniversary on the server, coming to me, in December 2018~
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    Same here! I also joined in December of 2012, can't believe it's almost been 6 years now haha seems that time flies. Nice to have you here Kal.

    Long Live WoolCity!

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