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    Not many of you know me that well, so Let me state some stuff's in this Intro and these are all hardline Facts.
    I have been playing Minecraft for 6 1/2 years now.
    My Favorite colors are Blue or Green.
    My Skin used to be the Riddler before I changed it to my current skin which I have had for around 2-3 years.
    I used to troll people and pvp a lot, but now I Lokey suck at it.
    Most my builds I just think up out of nowhere just trying to do something, I don't even mean to build most my stuff it just happens.
    I am from Nebraska and currently a Jr. In High School.
    Yes, I am a nerd, I am in Math counts, Quizbowl and Strategy games club.
    I also did start my schools First DND club which has now split off into 6 different ones.
    Other things I am involved in our Anime club, Art Club, Fbla, Optimist Club and Book Club.
    I currently have a total of 23 Community Service Hours.
    I am a Single Pringle, a sad one that was thrown away in the trash and cracked in the bottom.
    And last but not least, I am the best and coolest Staff Member on Lumen, but you all know that. *Pufff*
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