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    Which position are you applying for?

    What is your in-game-name (IGN)?

    Date of birth?

    Which country are you currently living in?
    USA-Mountain Time

    Tell us about yourself
    I enjoy playing Minecraft, working on plugins, and anything technical or technical problems. I play with dedicated server hosting on my free time, and I like working on group projects. I love to learn.

    Why do you think you're the right person for Staff?
    I am patient person. When I know I am getting heated, I will cool down. I understand the functionality with updating and maintaining plugins. I have a basic knowledge on plugin developing, forever learning of course. I can help with forums related problems and help setup new features if needed. I also have contacts, if I needed to get something done.

    Skype ID

    Do you work?
    Yes. Full time.

    Are you a student?
    Yes part time

    What is your major area of interest?
    Computer Science/Network Management/IT Technician/Service Technician by day, Developer by night.

    Additional Usernames ArchdukeMarkus
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