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    Which position are you applying for? I'm applying for a rank in the creative server

    Sounds dandy!

    What is your in-game-name (IGN)? Picture_Frame

    Date of birth? 31st March 1996

    Which country are you currently living in? New Zealand

    Tell us about yourself , 21 Years old, Born in England raised in switzerland and now i live here in the mighty new zealand, I'm a special guy with a heart of gold, Majored in Psychology But somehow broke into the event industry, I own my own business that designs rigging and truss for large scale events and TV shows. I'm allergic to banana candy and I can click with every finger. I'm also a professional grade whistler.

    Why do you think you're the right person for Staff? I'm a people person, I know this server and everyone knows me, I'm currently in charge of marketing and I'm a mod on survival but i want to help out more on the server in game :)

    Skype ID dexterbenannison

    I'm not studying at the moment

    I work for myself at home as a rigging technician and event coordinator

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