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    The main control parameters of ozone generator (system) are: amount of ozone, ozone concentration, discharge voltage, power, air treatment medium, etc.
    1. Main control parameters
    2,Ozone generator for use in the water treatment system is used as a system, this system includes: the ontology of ozone generator, air preparation equipment, ozone dosing equipment, mixing equipment, the decomposition of ozone reaction equipment, exhaust equipment, activated carbon filter should be added at some point as adsorption removal of ozone equipment.
    Key points of construction and installation
    1) the base height of the ozone generator shall not be less than 100mm, and the horizontal dimension shall be greater than 50~100mm on each side of the box.
    2) the operating channel in front of the ozone generator panel shall be at least 1000mm wide with a net height of 2000mm, and there shall be at least one maintenance channel with a width of 500mm on the other three sides, and the height of the machine room shall be at least 2200mm.
    3) the machine room where the ozone generator is installed shall be well ventilated to ensure that the temperature and humidity do not exceed the requirements of the normal operation of the ozone generator.
    4) the ozone detection device shall be installed in the machine room where the ozone generator is installed. When the ozone concentration in the air exceeds the limit, the ozone generator shall be alerted and shut down.
    5) the water treatment system using the ozone generator (system) shall set up the ozone concentration monitoring system in the air beside water treatment room.
    6) ozone generator shall have protective grounding measures.
    1, automatic control, arbitrary set processing time.
    2, using imported high ozone quartz tube, double stainless steel discharge electrode;
    3, water cooling, air cooling double cooling technology;
    4. Optimized air source treatment system configuration;
    5, imported power core components,digital control power technology, with voltage regulation, frequency conversion and boost three functions;
    6. Able to work continuously for 24 hours;
    7, dedicated power supply and discharge tube to form the best match;
    8. Power supply soft switch technology is adopted, with an efficiency of over 95%;
    9. Large amount and high concentration of ozone.Pure Water Treatment System suppliers

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