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    Welcome to Survival/Towny information

    When you first join the Survival server you will arrive at the spawn/build world. We have a very simple economy rank system do /warp ranks to purchase using your in game money. All ranks should be purchased in order.

    At first you will not be a resident of a town, you can ask to join a town or go exploring to find a good spot to set one up – use /wild to get started, this will cost you $10 each time you use the command.

    We also have Dynmap where you can see the worlds and players on the server.

    To earn money: go to /warp jobs; here you can select up to four jobs and earn money. Voting will also give you $500 plus a crate key to use at /warp crates. There are 4 vote crates, use your vote key on the keys crate, here you will win a key to one of the other 4 crates - good luck.

    Plugins to help you:

    /gadgetsmenu main
    Brings up the main menu.

    /gadgetsmenu namepet <name>
    Name your pet.

    /gadgetsmenu settings <setting> <value>
    Modify personal settings.

    /gmysteryboxes check [player] Check player's mystery boxes amount.

    /gmysteryboxes gift <player> <pack> Give mystery gifts to a player.

    /mysterydust pay <player> <amount>
    Transfer mystery dust to a player.

    Select up to 4 jobs to earn easy money use /jobs browse

    Give yourself extra inventory space ue /bp

    Get married do /marry

    Add your friends do /f

    Vote for in game money, particles and a crate key do /vote

    Bank your xp - Donators can also send xp to another player and bottle there xp
    XPOverhaul Commands
    Link to all player commands -
    - Deposits [amount] to the sender's personal account.
    /xpw - Withdraws [amount] from the sender's personal account.
    /xpb - Displays the sender's balance.
    /xpt - Allows viewing top XP balances
    Donators - up to and including $10
    - Transfers [amount] XP from the sender's personal account to that of [destination].
    Donators20 - over $10
    - Allows a player to enchant glass bottles to receive bottles o' enchanting.

    Info page:
    /QA craft Allows players to be able to craft guns
    /QA shop Allows players to open up the gun shops

    For a more in-depth command list, go to:

    Resident (member of a town) can be abbreviated with /res
    Town commands can be abbreviated with /t

    Players that live in a town.
    Mayor: Owner of a town
    Assistant: Co-mayor. Helps the mayor. Has access to most of the commands a mayor has.
    Outsiders: People that do not live in your town.
    Allies: Residents from allied towns in your Nation.

    Build: Being able to place blocks
    Destroy: Being able to destroy blocks
    Item: Being able to use items. (bonemeal, flint and steel, buckets)
    Switch: Being able to use chests, pull levers, open doors.

    Town commands:

    /town new [name]
    Creates a new town

    /town deposit [amount]
    It costs $10 per day to have a town, make sure you deposit money into your town bank.
    Deposits in the town bank. All residents can do this.

    /town claim
    You can claim up to 10 chunks (16 x 16) for every member of your town
    Claims a plot directly adjacent to your town.

    If you want to change your town spawn point do the following two commands
    /town set homeblock

    Sets the town homeblock to your current plot. Must be within your town.
    /town set spawn
    Sets the town spawn to your current location. Must be within your town.

    /town add [name]
    Adds a resident to your town.

    /town leave
    Leaves your current town

    /town kick [name]
    Removes a resident from your town.

    Brings up information on your current town.

    /town here
    Shows information about the town of the plot you are currently standing in.

    /town spawn
    Teleports you to your town's spawn. This will charge you silver!

    /town spawn [name]
    Teleports you to another town's spawn. Disabled for now.

    /town claim
    Claims a plot directly adjacent to your town.

    /town claim outpost
    You can claim land at your outpost the same way you claim for the town.
    Claims an outpost for your town. This does not have to be adjacent to your town, but will cost more silver.

    /town unclaim
    Unclaims a town plot

    /town withdraw [amount]
    Withdraws specified amount of silver from the town bank. Only the mayor can do this.

    /town rank add [name] assistant
    Promotes a resident to assistant.

    /town rank remove [name] assistant
    Demotes an assistant to resident.

    /town set board [message]
    Sets the town board message.

    /town set mayor [name]
    Changes the mayor to specified resident.

    /town set perm [on/off]
    Turns all town permissions on/off.

    /town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off].
    Turns all permissions for specified group on/off.
    For example: /town set perm outsider off.
    This will make it so that outsiders cannot do anything inside your town.

    /town set perm [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] on/off
    Turns off permissions for all groups for specified action.
    For example: /town set perm switch on.
    This makes it so that anyone on the server can open chests, pull levers and open doors in your town.

    /town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off]
    Advanced command. Sets permissions for specified groups for specified actions.

    /town set name [name]
    Changes the name of your town.

    /town toggle explosion
    Turns explosions on/off within your town.

    /town toggle fire
    Turns fire on/off within your town. Fire spread is turned off globally on the server. Turning this setting on will make it so that fires can be lit, but they won't spread.

    /town toggle mobs
    Turns mob spawning on/off within your town.

    /town toggle pvp
    Turns pvp on/off with your town.
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