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    If you're ever wondering how to do things when terraforming and theres no one online to ask or help you. Here is a list of useful commands that I use regularly when landscaping.

    I will add more to this when I can think of things I've forgotten

    : bind these to sticks, blaze rods, ingots (any none placeable item that doesn't do anything if you right click. for instance Redstone dust wont work because you can place it on the ground)

    /cs build ellipse x# y# z# b# -
    For creating a sphere with editable axis's.
    'x,y,z' = the axis dimensions i.e. x10 y30 z10 will make a shape that is 10 wide on x and z axis's and 30 tall on the y axis. the 'b' = the block you want to use to terraform with.
    Setting it to something basic like 1 (Stone) will make overlaying later easier as some blocks wont allow you to overlay.

    /cs build erode s# or /cs build fill s# - Simple blending tool for smoothing and filling areas of your build. The 's' = the size of the area you are woking on.

    /cs build overlay t#,# m#,# e#,# s# - For overlaying your landscape in ANY blocks you want.
    't,m,e' = top middle and end, as well as the depth set for each layer.
    i.e. t2,1 m3,3 e1,5 will give you the top in grass 1 block deep, the middle dirt 3 blocks deep and the end stone 5 blocks deep. The 's' again represents the size of the area you want are working on.

    If you're digging a hole you might just want to use //br sphere # # The first # is the block so in this case 0. The second # is the size. //br sphere 0 5 You could also do the same with //br cyl # # for making flat holes

    /cs build grass s# -
    Covers the landscape in a variety of flowers and plants and a few pumpkins to add a more natural base game feel to the landscape.
    The 's' = see above

    /cs build tree [tree name] w# l# s# - Tree placing tool which allows you to set the size and what the tree is made of as well as pick from a selection of interesting tree types.
    'w,l,s' = Wood, Leaves and Size. Size we've already covered. You can set the wood part of the tree and the leaf part of the tree to any block you want.

    For T5 and over builders about the only thing I can think of that is a massive improvement on gaining Voxel Sniper commands is... /b e melt, this as a smoothing tool is a marvel compared to what you've previously had access to and allows you to blend your edges at much more defined level.
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    /b e melt and //b e melt dont work, it says "you are lacking the permission node, contact server administrators if u believe this is a mistake, please help :(
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    You need T5 to use VS

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